Thursday, October 3, 2013

October goals

Goal setting is supposed to somehow make you more productive in life or so they say.  I would actually have to agree because I remember when I would do my monthly spending budget on here and I would for the most part follow it.

So here is what I am trying to achieve for this month.
  1. JOB -->  Apply to at least 2 jobs a day (including the weekend) which means I need to apply to at least 62 (31 days x 2) jobs this month. 
  2. With that new nail polish post yesterday, I want to try out new things with my nails.  I want to take better care of it.  I have started becoming a bit of a slob because I think, hey you don't have a job, who are you getting pretty for.  Seriously, I am now wearing a tank top with holes in it!
  3. Reach out to at least one person and say hi.  I am bad @ keeping in touch and want to improve in this area.
  4. Keep spending on clothes to a min --> only allowed $50!  Eeek....not sure I can do this considering I am itching for a new winter coat but I shall try.