Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I heart California

I am sure people that live there can complain about the not so warm temperatures and the heavy winds but as a Canadian from up north where I've already turned on my heater at night, California this time of year was amaze-balls.

First off shopping is amazing.  I stopped by the local CVS and bought my Revlon Whipped Foundation for $10 ($14 with a $4 off coupon) which is pretty darn amazing considering Shoppers has them for $19.99 at regular price.  Even with the sale, I wouldn't be able to get it for the same price as in the US.

Here are some pictures from the trip....

First off, did you know that they have ipads at the pearson airport waiting area!  You can even order food on there and have it delivered to your table!  Pretty darn sweet.

Next up is the view from our brunch spot, Schooner or Later.

This was our sweet ride for the weekend.  I've always wanted a mini cooper for a car.

However, the inside took a little getting used to.  I didn't like that the control for the window was not on the windows as expected!

This was the sweet view from our resort.  See that?  Yup, that's the beach within walking distance!

Last was a stop at the Rubys Diner at the end of the Balboa Pier.  Had a nice apple pie a la mode while we enjoyed the view.