Thursday, April 1, 2010

Body Pumping

I am still going strong at the gym. I haven’t lost tons of weight but boy am I stronger and my endurance is up! I am happy to say I can do a 5k comfortably. This summer however, I want to do my first 10k! The thing is if I am not careful, I am going to put myself out of running. If I run several times a week, my knee hurts the following day. I’ve cut it down to once a week and have debated getting running sleeves because I enjoy running and it seems like the easy way to lose weight. Improving endurance and running much longer is great but without getting stronger, I am hurting myself in the long run. I am weak! Super weak and I hate it. I am not afraid of doing weights, I just can’t lift much…..yet! One of my least favorite things to do on my own is weights. I quit way before I should and don’t push myself. If I ever got a personal trainer, I’d have him focus on weights. I’ve got the cardio down.

Enter my new favorite class, second to Body Attack is Body Pump. It’s a class with weight bearing exercises that target all the major muscle groups. I was super apprehensive to go to a class. I’ve never used a barbell before and had no idea how to even set one up. I went early to my first class and the instructor was super nice & told me what to do. I struggled and found some of the exercises hard, even with a really low weight. Sure enough, the next day I was in pain and in love. Now I aim to go @least once a week to this class if not more and just upped my weights a little yesterday! Woo!