Saturday, November 7, 2009

Clorox Green Works Review + Do your own laundry!

I was excited when I found out I was a lucky blogger chosen to review a natural laundry detergent from Clorox Green Works because I have sensitive skin and always wondered if going natural would tone down the breakouts. I am not hardcore green but would say I am more so than your average person. Half the products I use are free of harsh chemicals.

So what is Clorox Green Works?
A range of cleaning products from laundry detergent to household cleaners made with natural plant and mineral-based biodegradable cleaning ingredients. Sweet right? I read the ingredient list for the products I received and they seemed semi natural. I can't comment on all the ingredients because I didn't know what they were but there were no ingredients ending in hydroxoplaneaxe so that was a good sign.

How does it clean?
I did my first load with it last weekend and am happy to say it cleaned all my clothes. I also didn't use any softener because I am silly and forgot it but am happy to report that my clothes came out nice and soft. I could be biased but I also found the smell to be pleasant and didn't have that long lingering smell so many other detergents have. It could be because I was using too much detergent before and used the right amount this time around. Who knows?

The verdict?
I liked it but @ a regular price of ~$8 I am not sure I'd make the switch. I'll go through the whole bottle and see if I feel differently at the end but the price is holding me back.

Wanna do your own laundry the natural way?
I have some free product coupons to give out to other Canadians. Leave a comment and I'll pick two people next weekend to send the coupons to. All I ask is that you write up a review either in your blog or send me an email with it.


Kristy said...

I want free laundry!

Anonymous said...

I would love the second bottle