Monday, November 9, 2009


I have acne. I've tried just about every drugstore/online product known to man and I've had it! So today while at the doctors for something else unrelated to acne, I figured I'd ask if there was anything that he could prescribe for the acne. Lo and behold I've been prescribed BenzaClin.

Cross your fingers folks because I am at wits end. I thought I had my acne under control and for the last few months, it's been crazy. White heads, inflamed cysts, you name it. I cringe when I look in the mirror because there's acne and then there's also scars left behind from acne. Not a pretty picture and I've even stopped wearing make up *gasp* because I thought it might be making it worse!

So despite it containing benzol peroxide, I am giving er a go.

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