Monday, July 27, 2009

Protein Packed

I did my grocery shopping at Oriental Mart over the weekend. It's like T&T, only cheaper. If I plan on cooking something soon after purchasing it, Oriental Mart is a safe bet. I find that veggies and fruits are sometimes half the price of a Food Basics/No Frills! The only thing is, I find that their produce spoils faster than your stuff bought at the grocerry stores. No biggie if you're planning on using up your produce soon.

I used a bunch of it tonight and tried something new. I modeled it after the Tofu and Veggies in Peanut Sauce recipe here. I first steamed some broccoli, beans, red peppers, carrots and mushrooms in my steamer. While that was cooking, I pan fried some tofu with garlic and ginger. My sauce was veggie broth, with a healthy dash of soy sauce, two generous spoonfuls of natural peanut butter and some hot sauce. I combined everything and that was it!

I know it sounds simple but it was delicious. If you have the time, try out the recipe. You will not be disappointed if you like stirfry type dishes. I am looking forward to lunch tomorrow.