Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Canadian Tire Financial

OK, so here's the deal. Interest rates keep dropping. No big news there. But I still want the best possible deal I can get when it comes to a savings account and PC Financial just isn't cutting it anymore with even lowered interest rates of 1.2% on balances of $1000 Plus and 0.5% on balances less than $1000 on their Interest Plus savings account which is what I have. Not feeling it.

So there's this helpful little thread over at RedFlagDeals on savings accounts & after reading through it, I went ahead and applied for the Canadian Tire Financial Services Savings account. I already think they're the best game in town when it comes to pumping gas a-la their Candian Tire funny-money received when pumping gas. So now I am ready to give their banking department some of my money too.