Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gas Prices & investing

Gas prices are set to go down to under 80c tomorrow to a whopping 79.3c! I also have the fuel savings card from Petro Canada which saves 5c savings card from petro canada which deducts 5c per litre up to 200L. Well it's safe to say I'll be pumping some gas tomorrow.

I've been hesitating looking @ how my stocks are doing knowing it's plumetted. I am down ~23%. Sucks considering I only started investing a few months ago. But it could be worse considering I know people that are down more & they have been in the market for years. But I still try to stay firm in the idea that now is the best time to buy. I just bought a small amount of Shoppers Drug Mart shares. I love Shoppers Drug Mart. It was actually the first stock I wanted to own but I held off because it was expensive & when i started investing, the Canadian dollar was doing well so I bought US stocks. But now w/ the dollar @ .83c I decided to stick w/ Canadian stocks so when shoppers fell below $45, I decided to take the plunge.