Tuesday, September 16, 2008

everything adds up

You know that phrase that you mom & dad tossed you when you paid an extra dollar for a drink or to supersize you meal about how all those pennies your spend adds up. Well I am firm believer of this. My parents instilled it in me & while when I was young, I secretly loathed their frugal ways, I am learning to appreciate this in my older age. Here is a list of things I do to save money.
  • Never pay 5c for those bags @ the grocery store. Instead I bring my own. I keep a stash of bags in the trunk of my car so I am always armed & ready.
  • Pack those lunches. I remember when I was on internship, I brought my lunch every single day. Oh I was young & stupid then. No longer young & wiser, I pack my lunch every day. On the days I forget, I keep my freezer stocked w/ a few frozen dinners so I can take it with me when I don't have the time or leftovers for lunch.
  • Speaking of lunches, I use reusable cutlery for my lunches. Once upon a time, I bought plastic forks & would use it @ lunch & toss it out. Now I just wash & store in my desk for the following day.
  • Order water when out for dinner. Hardly ever do I order any fancy drinks...once in a while, I will splurge on a cocktail but not too often. I don't really drink anything besides water & alcohol so it's not a big change for me.
  • Coupon clipping. Boy do I love me my coupons. There is a trap with coupons where one ends up buying things they don't need just because they have a coupon for it. I always ask myself, is this something I will use. save.ca is great for this.
  • Cutting those cotton pads in half. I use a cotton pad to apply my toner everyday. I cut them in half so I can prolong their use. I know there are lots of people who don't even use them but I have no idea how to apply toner effectively without a cotton pad. I've tried using my hands & product ends up going to waste by falling into the sink & such.
  • Freezing. Anything you think will spoil, just freeze. I freeze cheese & bread now that I don't think I will use in time. Here's a tip, shred that cheese first so you don't struggle to get that cheese to thaw so you can use it in your meal.
  • Thrift. I think this deserves a post on it's own because as of a year ago I never set foot in a thrift store. I looked @ my credit card bills & realized the amount of money I was spending on clothes was ridiculous. Not willing to give up shopping, I tried out a thrift store & was quite happy. Not only was I spending way less, I was able to find a large selection of unique things. Now this doesn't mean every single piece of clothing I buy is from the thrift store but definitely trendy things tend to come from. Classic pieces that I forsee myself using for years like jeans & jackets, I still buy retail.
  • Signing up for freebies. My mailman probably hates me, but I can't resist free & as a result I often sign up for freebeis. But it's saved me money as I've gotten things like full sized lotions & other things....even underwear!
  • I never buy books. The library is my friend.
I am sure there's a lot more but this is what's coming to mind off the top of my head.